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Ways to Update Windows Drivers

As the operating systems with the largest share of the computer-using market, it’s essential for all computer device, gadget, and peripherals manufacturers to make sure that their products are compatible with Microsoft Windows. At the same time, Microsoft also strives to support as many different hardware standards as possible to avoid giving up any more market share to either Apple or Linux. So if you’ve just bought a new device or peripheral and it either can’t be recognized or doesn’t seem to work as well as you thought it would, all you might really need to do is grab the latest Windows updates to solve your problem.

The Importance of Updating Windows

No operating system is ever perfect as it is. Throughout any one operating system’s lifespan, it will go through several different major upgrades that improve its functionality and beef up its security measures. What isn’t as publicized as often is the fact that these Windows updates almost always contain new sets of generic drivers that allow the OS to natively support the latest hardware.

This is especially useful in case you’re running an older version of Windows, such as Windows XP, which, at over a decade old is still the OS of choice for around 40% of internet users. Because of its age, Windows XP is at high risk of being left behind in the field of hardware compatibility, but the extended support provided by Microsoft has kept it competitive even after all these years.

Getting Updated

The simplest way to update your operating system would be to use Microsoft’s own built-in utility, Windows Update. This feature has several settings, allowing you to choose whether or not to download all updates automatically, or to be more selective. It can be set to download only updates that are marked as critical, or it can be set to simply inform you when an update is available for download, leaving you to make the decision whether or not you’ll download it.

If you don’t want to trust any program that automatically downloads and installs things on your computer, you might opt to get it yourself. The updates for all of Microsoft’s officially supported operating systems can be downloaded from this webpage for free. Downloading the updates yourself also gives you the ability to make a copy of the update for distribution among multiple computers, getting rid of the need for all of them to connect to the internet and download them separately.

Updating Your Windows Drivers

Sometimes, all you really want to do is update the hardware drivers. This is because not all of the changes made by the official updates are necessarily welcomed by all users. However, some of the latest hardware on the market can only be installed on systems with the latest Windows updates. To get around that, you can simply download all of the Windows Drivers you need here, allowing you to run the latest devices and peripherals without having to worry to about compatibility issues with your operating system. Download our own tool to update your drivers and ensure all your drivers are current and compatible.

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