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Using Device Manager in Windows XP To Enable A Device

If you have any plans of using a hardware for your computer, you must first enable it in the so that Windows XP will recognize is at existing. If you fail to enable it on your computer, you cannot assign it its own system resources thus, making it basically useless.

The good thing is, Windows XP can alert users about hardware that are not yet enabled by displaying a red ‘x’ in Device Manager beside the disabled hardware. To enable hardware device from Window XP’s Device Manager, below are easy to follow steps in doing so:

1. Open Device Manager from your computer’s utility and locate the hardware device that you are planning to enable. You can navigate through different categories by clicking the [+] icon to see the complete list of hardware devices available.

3. After locating the Device usage option, enable the Use this device option and click OK

4. After doing so, you will notice the red x being removed from the Device Manager window. if a yellow exclamation point replaces it, you would be required to troubleshoot the problem separately. This is because the yellow exclamation point icon is basically to warn you of different issues related to the hardware’s configuration.

If you want to verify if the hardware device is already working properly, you can do so by then, to ensure that all features are updated and so that you can use the device properly.

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