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Updating Windows XP Drivers

Why should you take the time to update your ? Here’s what you need to understand what you are updating and what it will change:

XP uses drivers that corresponds with your computer and programs every time you use open your computer to do something. To make sure your computer and devices are performing to their max, you need to make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your computer. This includes hardware like mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, graphics card, system essentials, other hardware, internal hardware, motherboard and drivers, etc. There are too many drivers to list , but if you are curious what drivers are installed on your computer currently, look at the ‘System and System 32’ files in your root folder (usually on your C drive).

Anything with a shell or .dll extension is a driver that will Windows XP will be using to launch your applications.

One of the most common problems you will see for computers that don’t have the latest Windows XP drivers installed is the Device Manager error codes, which happens when a hardware fails to install properly.

XP is programmed to have a list of drivers for each manufacturer stored somewhere in the root drive. Driver files are normally small, as they consist normally of only instruction and constructed code. So, Microsoft is able to constantly update and add new device signatures into its data banks and suggest new for you to install to your computer. (This is known as the ‘automatic update’ service, where the main Microsoft server will download the files into your computer (which will more than often require a restart) and update it.

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