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Update Your Speech Recognition Speech Driver For Windows XP

The speech recognition driver in Windows XP allows the computer to recognize spoken words and convert them to text. When properly installed, the speech recognition can be used in Office programs and other software programs such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, as long as it is enabled. However, only Microsoft Office 2003 and 2002 programs can use the Windows XP speech recognition driver.

To get the optimal results and for the speech recognition function to work properly, the components must be set up correctly. Except for the microphone sand speakers, all other components needed for speech recognition are set to work automatically. If in any case your computer has a built-in speakers and microphones, there is no more need to configure anything.
Driver Requirements
To use the speech recognition successfully, you will need to make sure that your computer is equipped with the right hardware and software components. Office XP already has a speech recognition engine however, not all units have it already installed. You can check for yourself if the speech recognition engine is already installed in your computer by:
1. Click start and choose the Run tab
2. In the box, type in control mmsys.cpl sounds and press enter. This will open the Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices window. Click Speech and check if the Speech Recognition tab is available. If it is, the speech recognition engine is installed. If not, you may need to install it yourself.
You should also have a high-quality headset microphone. Experts recommend a microphone.  As much as possible, make sure that your computer’s processor is 400MHz and has 128MB of memory.
Installing the speech recognition driver
You can start the installation process by going to the section, ‘Install speech recognition by using Add or Remove Programs’. After doing so, go to the ‘Turn on speech recognition in Microsoft Office 2002 and 2003′ section. To update your speech recognition driver, do the following steps:
1. Click Start and click Run.
2. in the Open box, type in Control appwiz.cpl and press enter. This will open the Add or Remove Programs window.
3. Click the Microsoft office XP and click Change
4. Before clicking next, make sure that you check the Add or Remove Features box
5. Double-click the Alternative User Input, click Speech and choose the Run from My Computer option.
6. The last step is to click the Update tab. This will make the speech recognition program available in all of your computer’s Office programs and other programs that have it enabled.
If you want a utility program that will make it easier for you to locate and install the correct driver, such as the speech recognition driver, for your system, click on the link for download.


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