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SilverFast Ai – Minolta Scanner Software (Win) Driver Update

The SilverFast SE/Ai 6.6 scanner software features include 64bit HDRi, Multi-Exposure, iSRD, IT8 Scanner Calibration and ICC Printer Calibration, Kodachrome Features, Auto-Frame, Auto-Sharpening, Gamma-Optimization, NegaFix, Movies for beginners and more. It is offers separate software for beginners, advanced and expert users, the SilverFast SE, SilverFast Ai and SilverFast Pro Studio, respectively.

If you have scanners, digital cameras, or any print and images processing devices, expect them to function at their full potential with the use of the SilverFast software. Like for example, the LaserSoft Imaging software supports independent adjusted solutions for many flatbed and film scanners and digital cameras. As a result, the functionality of each device is optimized.

The overview of SilverFast software:

  • SilverFast SE / Ai (scanner software) – this software offers perfect scans which are excellent copies of the original.
  • SilverFast HDR (imaging software) – 48Bit/64Bit HDRi image processing, RAW data processing, a lot more advanced than the other imaging software like PhotoShop.
  • SilverFast Archive Suite (Ai + HDR) – this is the best storing or archiving tool using the combination of both a scanner and an imaging software.
  • SilverFast DC (digital software) – optimize and archive the images using a RAW workflow.
  • SilverFast PrinTao (printer software) – easy to use and gives the best and real color printing.


Best Color Management – awarded by EDP (European Digital Press Association) in 2008.

Date Released:

January 25, 2011



Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Features of the update:

  • Additional Ektar 100 NegaFix profile feature
  • Supports PhotoShop CS5 & Elements 9
  • Additional feature of HDRi format plus
  • Enhanced automatic iSRD mode
  • Enhanced Kodachrome features
  • Supports Win7 & Snow Leopard
  • Additional New Hot-folder feature
  • Additional new camera profiles feature

To enjoy the full potential of your scanner, go to this link and download the latest update of your scanner driver.


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