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SilverFast Ai Epson 4870 (Win) Driver Update

SilverFast allows every ’s device to perform at their highest level. As a result, decided to design most of their scanners with compatibility mode with SilverFast. Advanced scanner features such as digitizing documents and photos and scanning (slides, negatives and film strips) are made possible by flatbed scanners, which are also supported by SilverFast.

Supported features

  • Supports Multi-Exposure (SilverFast Plus/SilverFast Ai Studio)
  • Supports iSRD Multi-sampling (SilverFast Plus/SilverFast Ai versions)
  • Supports HRDi
  • Supports ICE
  • Supports Auto IT8 (optional for SilverFast Ai)
  • Supports Kodachrome (SilverFast Plus/SilverFast Ai versions)
  • Supports printer calibration (optional for SilverFast Ai)

SilverFast software overview

  • The SiverFast SE/Ai software for scanner is designed to work best with a wide array of scanner devices. It also ensures every device to work at their best.
  • The SilverFast PrinTao software for printers is designed with extensive functions. As a result, every printer functions to its full potential.
  • The SilverFast DC software for digital cameras allows easy and handy viewing, editing and archiving of digital photos.
  • The SilverFast HRD software for imaging complies with the highest standards in processing 48-bit and 64-bit raw data.

New Features of the update

  • Additional feature for Ektar 100 NegaFix profile
  • Works with PhotoShop CS5 & Elements 9
  • Additional feature for HDRi format plus
  • Improved feature for Automatic iSRD mode
  • Improved feature for Kodachrome improved feature
  • Works with Win7 & Snow Leopard
  • Additional feature for Hot-folder
  • Additional feature for profiles

Version – 6.6.2r4

Date Release – January 25, 2011

Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows XP

To make use of all the advanced features of your devices, always make sure that your driver is not outdated. You can download the latest driver update here.




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