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How to Download and Update Your Drivers

There is a big difference between updating and downloading your drivers.

You know the CD that comes with your speakers or mouse? That contains the drivers to your device. They have to be installed on your computer to let your computer “talk” with the device. Sometimes, that driver can become corrupt. This would be a time to reinstall the driver. (Either from your CD, or by visiting the manufacturer’s website and entering your device information and downloading the driver) Another time you would need to install the drivers from the CD is if you are going to use your device with another computer. Again, either install the driver from your CD, or download it from the manufacturer’s website.

To update your drivers means that the manufacturer has come up with a new version of the driver. Maybe there is a problem that they have heard a million complaints about and they have found a fix to it. Your CD will not have this update on it. To run an update, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website, identify your device, download the file and install it. You will be amazed how much better your device runs, and in many cases, also your computer as a whole. For this reason, instead of using my CD, I always check the manufacturer’s website to see if there is a more current version of the driver that I need.

What if the manufacturer has shut down or no longer supports your device? Search for “your device name” and “driver” and you’ll find many 3rd party websites that will have the driver you need available for download. These websites keep a big database of drivers, both from new and non-existing computer hardware manufacturers. The drivers offered by these websites are usually free software downloads. While some sites may require membership fees, that’s a minimal amount you have to invest to have unlimited driver downloads from the site.

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