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Easy Steps On How You Can Overclock Your HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad is one of the hottest selling devices from Hewlett Packard. It can do a lot from browsing the web to playing games. If you want to get more out of your device though you might want to overclock it. Overclocking your HP TouchPad is done in order to speed up its processing time and make it possible for you to download more apps and games on it.

Overclocking your HP TouchPad table is safe to do and won’t have any effects on its battery’s performance. Once it is done, you will notice the tablet becomes more responsive to your touches and commands, with a superb fast and fluid performance. Since it works on a dual core processor, following the steps correctly will overclock both processors.

Easy to follow steps on how to overclock your HP TouchPad

  1. Check that the latest version of webOS should be installed on your HP TouchPad
  2. Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer and make sure that the ‘ Drive’ is not activated and should only be on Charge mode.
  3. On the main screen of your HP TouchPad,  type webos20090606 on the search box and make sure that you leave the password field blank since providing the webdoctor with a password will cause your tablet to reset.
  4. Install HP webOS Quick Install and allow it to install a driver for your HP TouchPad.
  5. The next thing you need to do is click the Globe Icon to see the list of available applications that you can install in your tablet. Search for PREWARE on the list, highlight it and click the Install button afterwards.
  6. Open the applications menu on your HP TouchPad an click on the Downloads Tab. Search for PREWARE again but the only difference now is that you will open it. On its drop down menu, click on Manage Feeds.
  7. Type in the settings that you want and click on Add Feed. Repeat the steps until you have added all the feeds that you want.
  8. Search for Govnah and download the said application. Allow the program to install and after successful installation, restart your HP TouchPad device to overclock your device.

One of the crucial steps in overclocking your HP TouchPad is to make sure that your driver has the latest version installed. If you want a tool that verifies and locates the correct driver file for any of your devices, you can click on the link for an easier and faster automatic update for your drivers.

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