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Drivers for Windows XP

The drivers for your computer have to match the operating system on your machine. This means that changing your operating system would require you to change the drivers of all the computer hardware installed on your computer as well. This is the biggest drawback of updating an operating system in favor of the newly released platforms. Some hardware doesn’t even have drivers for the newer OS versions. Those devices then become unusable unless the manufacturer comes up with a update for your new operating system.

Here are some tips about a few popular operating systems:

  • Windows Vista: Although there are many Windows Vista driver downloads available from the Internet, some older hardware proves ineffective under this operating system. If you have one of these devices, you are forced to replace it with something that is compatible with Windows Vista.
  • Windows : This  is the most widely used operating system these days. The biggest issue users are encountering with this platform is usually related to the newer LCD monitors. To solve these issues, try visiting the manufacturer’s website and see if they have the Windows XP monitor driver that you need and download it.
  • Other operating systems: You probably won’t find any driver updates for the older Windows 98 software anytime in the future. Most users of Windows 98 have shifted to other operating systems, so manufacturers rarely take time to release Windows 98 driver updates for their hardware. However, Windows 98 driver downloads are still being offered over the Internet today. (A driver download just reinstalls the driver to your computer. It will not update your driver.) The same is true for Windows NT drivers. (Which is much older than Windows 98.) The process of updating, repairing, restoring, and installing drivers under this platform is a little different from the usual steps applied to the later Windows program. If you still have this OS installed on your computer and would need to update some of the drivers for some reasons, it is advised that you read the detailed instructions on how to go about it first.
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