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Driver Problems with Windows XP

If you have just upgraded your system to Windows XP, you might notice that some of your hardware doesn’t work right, or sometimes your computer won’t even recognize it anymore. Most likely, all you need to do is update your device’s drivers.

The best place to start is Microsoft Update. Click Custom Install, and then click Select optional hardware updates in the left column.

If you know the specific name and version number of the driver you need, chances are you can download it from the Windows Update Catalog.

To use the Windows Update Catalog

1. On the Microsoft Update home page, under Other options click Administrator options.

2. Under Update multiple operating systems click Windows Update Catalog.

3. Click Find driver updates for hardware devices.

4. Click Pick a hardware category, and search for the latest updates to keep your devices working properly.

** The Microsoft Update site scans your system to see what you have installed. You may be asked to download software onto your computer to facilitate this process. The safety and privacy of your system information is protected during this scan.

You can also check the manufacturer’s web site for driver updates. By entering your model name/number, you will be able to download the latest drivers there. Make sure that it is compatible with Windows XP.

If you try to install a driver that has not been approved for Windows XP, you will see a warning message. We strongly recommend that you stop the installation process at that point and contact the manufacturer directly, via their Web site or by telephone or mail, and ask them to make Designed for Windows XP drivers available on the Microsoft Update site. That way, you can be assured that your hardware will work properly with your computer, and cause no harm to your machine.

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