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Download: Realtek High Definition Audio Codec – Driver update: 2.58

The Realtek HD audio driver package includes: driver setup program, WDM driver, Realtek Soundman, Realtek SoundEffect Manager, Realtek HD is essential if you use the integrated HD audio.

Realtek HD Audio Drivers is the official driver package for integrated HD audio codecs.

Do you have a 64-bit system? Do not worry: Realtek HD AudioDrivers include files for both 32-bit platforms for 64. Once installed, the driver requires a restart to function properly.

The latest version is 2.58Vista (32 bit).

Realtek High Definition Audio codecs are compatible with Microsoft UAA (Universal Audio Architecture). The best series offers 10 channels of DAC that simultaneously supports 7.1 sound playbacks, and there are 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo output. It includes flexible mixing functions of gain, mute, and fine control to provide a complete integrated audio solution for PC entertainment.

It features:

- Meets Microsoft WLP 3.10 and future WLP audio requirements
- Wave RT based audio function driver for Windows Vista
- Direct Sound 3D compatible
- Multi-band equalizer and various software tools are provided
- Microphone Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Noise Suppression (NS) and Beam Forming (BF) for voice

This software requires that you have installed the 32 bit Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We recommend that you download our scanner so you will be able to verify that the file is the correct update for your system.

Updates for your Realtek High Definition Driver are available here.

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