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Code 39 Error Message

Windows cannot load the device for this hardware. The may be corrupted or missing. ()

This is a error code. A Code 39 error is usually caused by a missing driver, or by a Windows Registry issue.  A Code 39 error can apply to any hardware device in . A Code 39 error usually appears on optical drives like CD and DVD drives. Any of Microsoft’s operating systems can experience a Code 39 error.

Possible Solutions:

  1. First try to restart your computer. There is always a possibility that a Code 39 error might be caused by some fluke with Device Manager or your BIOS.
  2. If you recently installed a device or made changes in Device Manager prior to seeing the Code 39 error, undo whatever changes you made to see if the Code 39 error goes away. (Depending on what changes you made, this could mean removing the newly installed device, rolling back the driver to a previous version or using the System Restore to undo Device Manager changes. Remember to restart your computer after undoing changes.)
  3. Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry values. A common cause of Code 39 errors is the corruption of two specific registry values in the DVD/CD-ROM Drive Class registry key. You can also try deleting similar values in the Windows Registry if the Code 39 error appears on hardware other than a DVD or CD drive.
  4. Reinstall the device drivers. Remove the currently installed driver and then let Windows install it over again.
  5. Update the device drivers. If there is an update for your device drivers, it might fix a Code 39 error.
  6. Replace your device. It is possible that either your device isn’t compatible with the version of Windows, or there might be a malfunction with the hardware of your device.
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    System keeps telling me it cannot find a printer (HP officejet 6500). I have reinstalled windows 7 and driver for the printer.

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