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Fix Connection Issues With Your iPad

The iTunes serves as an interface between Apple products, like iPod, iPhone and iPad, and a Mac or Windows computer. Basically it enables the user to organize data on their devices using different protocols. However, if the iPhone, iPod or iPad does not appear in the iTunes after plugging it to the computer, you may have one of the following problems.

  • The device cannot be restored in iTunes
  • A question mark, exclamation point, plug symbol, or “X” shows up in the Device Manager
  • The device may no longer be recognized by iTunes during an update or restore.

To resolve this problem on your iOS device, you must follow the directions in the troubleshooting assistant. If the problem continues after attempting the troubleshooting assistant, go on with the procedures below.

Apple iOS devices need the Mobile Device Support that already comes with iTunes. To check if it is installed on your Windows XP computer, here are the things you should do. Go to Start and select Control Panel. Open the “Add or Remove Programs” and check if Apple Mobile Device Support is included in the list of installed programs. If the Apple Mobile Device Support is not included in the list, remove iTunes, Apple Software Update, QuickTime as well as Apple Application Support and reinstall iTunes. Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service after the reinstallation.

To check if you have successfully reinstalled Apple Mobile Device Support, reconnect the device to the computer and close iTunes when it opens. Right-click on “My Computer” then select “Properties.” On the “Hardware” tab, click the “Device Manager” button. When the Device Manager window opens, click the plus “+” icon beside the Universal Serial Bus controllers to expand this option. Look for the Apple Mobile Device Driver and make sure that there’s no “?”, “!” or “x” symbols over it. Proceed to the next section titled “Check for third-party mobile phone software”

There are phone connectivity software that could cause your device to be unrecognized. If these software are installed on your computer, uninstall them. You can contact the manufacturer for assistance in safely removing them. You also have to uninstall iTunes as well as other Apple software and reinstall iTunes afterwards. Test the device to check that you have successfully installed iTunes.

If you still have trouble reinstalling or updating the drivers for your iOS device, then your security software could be contributing to the problem. You may want to check that software for any issues as well. In some cases, the security software is out-of-date, and therefore, you have to keep it updated. You can also temporarily disable it while you’re troubleshooting the device or call the manufacturer for assistance when you check the settings, disable, or uninstall your security software. Once you have resolved any issues that you may have with your security software, you may have to redo all the above-mentioned steps. However, if the problem persists, it is best to take your iOS device to the nearest service center.

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