Guest Posting Opportunities on

Writing a guest post for could provide numerous benefits for the skilled blogger versed in computer hardware and software issues. If you can create a compelling piece that offers value to our readers, we may be able to provide you with a chance to get your name in front of our large audience of readers. However, there are a few basic requirements writers will need to meet to ensure their content meets our quality standards. Designing an appropriate piece requires both technical skills and creativity to ensure our readers can use your knowledge to solve a problem they are facing.

The Basic Requirements

All articles submitted for guest posting on must:

  • Be useful to our audience. Our readers are seeking help with computer issues running the Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP operating systems, and we connect them with system tools, how-to guides and drivers they need. Focus on these topics when choosing the angle for your blog post.
  • Be free of grammar and spelling errors. Poorly written content will be rejected.
  • Focus on an educational or informational approach, not a self-promotional one. Content that features marketing links or a slant towards your own product or service isn’t appropriate for our blog.
  • Be original content of your own creation. Material that has already been published or articles written by other individuals won’t be accepted.

Guest authors are invited to include a short biography that we will include at the bottom of the post. Describe your experience and knowledge of PC issues in two to three sentences, and include it with your article. A single link may be added to this section, but it may only lead to your own professional website or blog.

 What To Pitch

We ask that writers who would like to contribute a guest post write up a short pitch before submitting the final piece. This ensures you don’t have to spend time writing a topic we’ve already covered recently on the blog. When coming up with a pitch, focus on actionable ideas and how-to guides. Explain the problem you will tackle and how you propose our readers can solve it. Focus on specific issues rather than just another post covering the basics of driver issues or the Windows XP operating system. Try to take a new angle or provide an alternative solution on a subject if it has been covered before.

 Submit Your Guest Post

  • In a few sentences describe the general focus and point of your proposed article.
  • In one or two sentences explain why your post is relevant to our readers right now. Are big changes affecting the industry? Is a major device manufacturer ending driver support for their products?
  • Please include links to one or two blog posts you have written in the past on related topics. If possible, stick to pieces you have published on your professional or personal blog. Pieces published on other well-known technology blogs also work, but only if they feature your byline to show authorship.
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  • In a couple sentenances outline why readers should listen to your advice, and talk about relevant work or training experience.
  • If you have the article ready, please attach it here.
  • Please include any additional information you would like us to consider.