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Driver Update For Your Microphone

February 6th, 2012 No comments

The hardware devices of a computer that’s running on a Windows OS need a specific driver for them to work properly. With the correct driver, hardware devices such as the microphone, graphics card and sounds card, can communicate with the the computer’s other components, as well as the motherboard and processor. If you experience any problems and malfunctions on your device, one of the most probable reasons would be an outdated driver. By updating and installing the latest driver, you can fix the problem in no time.

Why update your driver

One of the reasons why you need to update your microphone driver is to make it compatible with your updated operating system. If you have an outdated driver in your system, chances are it will not function the way it was designed to. Once you update your microphone driver, Microsoft will automatically search for the most recent updates on the World Wide Web, and install them automatically on your computer.

Step by step instructions

If you want to update the microphone of your computer, below is a step by step instruction to do so.

1. Click the My Computer icon on the desktop. On the menu, click Properties for the system properties window to open.

2. Click the tab named ‘Hardware’ on the system properties window, and click on the Device Manager window. This will show different categories of available hardware devices on  your computer.

3. Choose the Sound, Video and Game Controllers option to open a menu of available devices. Double click the microphone to load the driver. This will open a device properties window.

4. Click the Driver tab and click the update driver button to initiate the driver update wizard.

5. Choose the Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software for Windows to locate updated drivers on the World Wide Web. Once it has successfully located one, it will install automatically.