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Download: SilverFast for Scanners – Driver update: 6.6.2r4

April 11th, 2011 No comments

SilverFast SE / Ai 6.6 Scanner Software offers multiple features: IT8 Scanner Calibration and ICC Printer Calibration, Kodachrome Features, Auto.Frame, Gamma-Optimization, Movies for beginners, 64bit HDRi, and Multi-Exposure.

Among the new features that this version offers are: HDRi format added, PhotoShop CS5 and Elements 9 support, Improved automatic iSRD mode, Improved Kodachrome features, Win 7 and Snow Leopard support, New camera profiles.

LaserSoft Imaging offers adjusted solutions for hundreds of scanners, film scanners and digital cameras.

Silverfast SE / Ai (scanner software): It is perfect for scans.
SilverFast HDR (imagingsoftware): 48Bit/64Bit HDRi image processing, RAW data processing.
SilverFast archive Suite (Ai¬+HDR): combination of scanner and imaging software.
SilverFast DC (digital camera software): optimize and archive images using RAW workflow.
SilvarFast PrinTao (printer software): easy but color-true printing.

Another advantage of SilverFast iSRD is the lack of deterioration in image detail. The scans show the finest details without artifacts and keeps the details of film grain. iSRD uses multi-processor technology, so scan speeds are much faster! This could almost double the productivity of SilverFast for Canon Scanner!

SilverFast ® supports a large number of Reflecta scanners. The unique features of SilverFast have been specially programmed to take full advantage of their technical properties. This version was added on April 11, 2011.

Click here for a utility that will help you locate and install the correct driver for your system, and it will automatically update any other outdated system drivers you may have.