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Understanding What The Device Manager Is

April 22nd, 2012 No comments

Updating device drivers is an important step that you need to take if you want to ensure that your computer performs at its best all the time. However, this would be an impossible task if you do not know what a Device Manager is or where you can access it, since this provides an organized view of all available and recognized hardware devices that are installed in your computer.

What is it used for?

The Device Manager is the part in your computer’s OS where you can manage all installed hardware devices on your computer such as the keyboard, mouse, hard disk drives, USB devices, sound cards, and a while lot more. This is also where you can change hardware configuration settings, check the status of a certain device, manage drivers, enable and disable hardware, and even troubleshoot different issues. Basically, the Device Manager is your master list of all hardware devices that your computer recognizes, making it easier for you to access them one by one.

Accessing Device Manager

There are different ways of accessing the Device Manager and this includes accessing it from the Control Panel, through the Command Prompt, or by typing ‘Device Manager’ in the search box.

Using the Device Manager

As mentioned before, the Device Manager is the master list for all hardware devices that are installed in your computer. This is where you can check out their details and change their settings, if needed.

Below are just some of the things that you can do in accessing Device Manager:

  • Reinstall and uninstall Drivers
  • Update device drivers
  • View the status of a hardware device
  • Roll back a driver
  • Enable and disable a device
  • Find and check the version number of a device driver