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Realtek Sound Technology – Best Known Sound Device

June 15th, 2011 No comments

We all know that sound quality is a very crucial to every PC user.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore music enthusiast, gamer or just a regular user.  Great sound makes a whole lot of difference in the PC experience.

There are a lot of sound drivers available in the market.  But one of the most widely used ones is Realtek audio drivers because it is believed by a lot of PC users to give the best sound quality as compared to others.

Proud Beginnings

Realtek takes pride in being one of the leading names in Windows XP drivers.  The company, Realtek, has been delivering high quality products and services since its establishment.  In Oct 1995, the company became the first IC design house in Taiwan to achieve ISO-9001 certification.

Realtek is committed to developing innovative products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.  To date, Realtek is top of mind when it comes to sound hardware technology.  The ease of use and accessibility of Realtek drivers has made it a popular Windows driver choice among users and industry players alike.

Product Development

These audio drivers are produced by a team that has extensive systems knowledge and integration expertise.  Realtek ensures that its audio drivers are produced with quality and reliability in mind.  They allot time and budget for research and product development so they can come up with products that are more powerful and seamless.

Realtek is also keen on developing new line of products that will seamlessly integrate key components such as micro controllers, DSP, RISC, PLL, RFIC, and embedded memories.  Users can expect better quality sound hardware they can use for their PCs.

This means users will get to experience a system-on-a-chip driver that is more efficient than ever before.  Realtek audio drivers feature more powerful and advanced core technologies such as analogue and mixed signal design; circuit design and process expertise; and system knowledge and IP.

Commitment to Quality

These audio drivers are also included in more than 900 worldwide patents of the company, a clear sign of the brand’s continuing commitment to technological innovations and breakthroughs. Realtek is also in the process of enhancing its application capabilities to integrate audio, video, and communication system technology into system-on-a-chip solutions.

Product quality is not the only great thing about Realtek audio drivers.  It also offers customer support for hardware and software, development tools and technical services.  They won’t have to worry.  If their sound hardware will bog down at the middle of the night, there is a customer support ready to assist them right away.

To check if your sound card is working properly, you can download our Driver Scan Tool and it will search your PC for all the hardware installed, including their audio driver.  By using this driver scan tool, they can make sure that their audio driver is working well or is updated, without any hassle.