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Update Your Modem Driver In Five Steps

December 2nd, 2011 No comments

A modem is a hardware device that is connected internally or externally on your computer. It receives and sends data over cable and phone lines, and is usually used for connecting to the Internet. Modem drivers on the other hand, are software programs that allow proper communication between your computer’s operating system and the modem.

Failing to update your modem driver may lead to problems such as malfunctioning of the device and crashing of your operating system. By updating your modem driver, you can improve the performance of your modem and at the same time, fix any bugs in your old driver version. Below is an easy to follow instruction on downloading and installing updated modem driver.

Updating your modem driver

  • Connect to the internet and search for the latest driver of your modem. You can do this by visiting the modem’s manufacturer website or by searching Google or Yahoo. You can also use our driver installer to automatically identify and download the correct driver for your modem.
  • Click the Start button which can be found on the lower left corner of your computer’s screen, and click the ‘Control Panel’ option
  • In the Control Panel option, you will find the Hardware and Sound icon. Click it and choose Device Manager.
  • Click the ‘+’ sign to expand the ‘Modems’ option. Look for your modem’s name and right click on the icon. Choose the ‘Uninstall’ option and click OK to confirm. The next thing that you need to do is restart your computer to completely uninstall your current modem driver
  • Open the modem driver file you recently downloaded and start the installation process. After successfully installing the modem driver, restart your computer to complete the process.

Besides making sure that your modem driver is updated, you also need to constantly update your computer drivers. This can be done easier if you have a tool that will check for automatic updates, and download the software for you. Interested? Click on the link for free download.



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