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Configuring Cobian for Online / FTP Backup

November 24th, 2010 1 comment

1. First, install Cobian Backup as shown here.

2. After installation of Cobian Backup is complete, configure it as shown here.

3. The third step is to create an FTP account with a free or paid ftp server service. There were many free ftp servers in the past but almost all have started charging for their service. Only drivehq is the one known at this time, which doesn’t charge for ftp. Free FTP space is also available with free website hosting services, but they may not let you upload files for backing up. Even if they allow, they may delete the content if its not according to their terms and conditions.

4. Signup with drivehq. It’s a one-step, free signup and a very reliable service. You’ll get 1GB of free FTP space. Click here for the list of features.

5. If you don’t want to go with a free ftp service, you have two options – you can get a cheap, paid FTP service at cheapftpspace or you can get 1GB FTP space free at transferum, for a one time activation fee of USD $15. Transferum used to charge just US $1 for the activation, a few months ago but recently they increased the price. Please read the details on this page at transferum.

6. After paying the 15 USD fee, just send an email to with your desired username and email address. You’d be notified, once the account is created. The password would be sent in the email.

7. Now, back to configuring Cobain Backup. In the Files setting, where you add the source and destination, click on FTP for destination.


8. This example assumes that you have an FTP account with transferum. Replace the settings according to your FTP server documentation. Configure the FTP settings as shown. Use your FTP account username and password. Leave the working directory blank and check the checkbox that says Passive transfers. This is all you have to do. Leave the other settings as they are. You can now click the “Test” button to test the connection. A test file will be created in your ftp account and a status message would be shown. Now, click OK to save the settings.


9. Configure the rest of Cobian Backup, as shown on the Cobian Local Backup configuration page.

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