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Resolving TV Tuner Compatibility Problems for Windows XP

June 11th, 2011 No comments

Computers are fast becoming everybody’s all-in-one entertainment centers, being the go to device to catch up on the latest news, as well as for playing or downloading the latest music and movies. By adding a TV tuner to your computer, you can make it a true one-stop entertainment center, giving it the capability to receive terrestrial TV signals as well as the ability to hitch it up to a cable TV connection. Given the utility and entertainment value of these devices, they’ve become quite popular with consumers, to the point that some desktops and even laptops bundle them in sometimes.

Problems With Windows XP

If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, and are running Windows XP, you’ll need to know that many other users running Microsoft’s old and reliable operating system have been encountering problems getting their devices to work properly. This is mainly due to Windows XP’s age, with 10 years going by since its initial release. This doesn’t necessarily require you to upgrade you OS just yet. Here are a few things you can try to get your TV Tuner to work with Windows XP

Check For Updates

Part of the reason behind Windows XP’s success and longevity lies in the excellent support Microsoft has provided it with over the years. Three Service Packs and countless other smaller updates have been released for Windows XP, each one improving some facet of the operating system’s functionality or security features. These updates also broaden the range of the hardware that Windows XP can support, which is why you should check for the latest updates before going out and buying any new hardware for your PC. Updates can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s Windows XP Update Page.

Make Sure Your Hardware is XP Approved

This is a simple step that few consumers think to take, and has consequently led to many a headache. Don’t let this happen to you. Just visit this webpage in order to find out which TV tuners and other devices are certified to be Windows XP compatible. The list is updated frequently, so it should account for even the latest devices out there.

Update Your Drivers

No matter how advanced your hardware is, it’s useless without the lines of software code that make up its drivers. Drivers allow your PC to interface with your devices, so it’s essential to ensure that you’ve got the right set of drivers for your device. While the drivers that are packaged with your device should work just fine, there are times that they could be incorrect or simply outdated by the time you installed them. In cases like these, you should visit the device manufacturer’s website, find their support page, and identify the appropriate driver for your PC. Drivers for a single device can vary depending on your OS, so you’ll have to be sure that you get the right one.

If you’d rather experience hassle free computing and not have to worry about getting the best and most up to date drivers, then simply download our Driver Scan Tool and allow it to do all the hard work for you.