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Finding Card Reader Drivers for Windows XP

April 21st, 2011 No comments

One of the most persistent trends in digital information storage is the increasing use of  memory and data cards to store information. Essentially, these little cards work as miniature hard drives for devices like cameras, smartphones, mp3 players, or as alternative storage. With capacities as high as 32 GB, SD cards and memory sticks are a cheap yet mobile storage solution. The problem is, they do require that you have a special reader installed on your system in order for your computer to access the data kept on it.

Card readers come in two general forms – either they’re external USB devices that you can carry around for mobility, or internal drives that can be installed into a computer’s case in place of the old floppy disk drives. Either way, they need the correct drivers to work – otherwise you’ll be locked out of all the photographs, home movies, or any other files and documents you might have on your memory card.

The Trouble With Windows XP

Because certain data and memory card formats have only come into the market in the past few years, the readers for these cards aren’t always compatible with older an older OS like Windows XP. While this venerable version of Microsoft’s Windows line of operating systems is still used by over 40% of computer users, its age has led to it being left behind in some areas of functionality, compatibility with newer devices included. However, by following a few simple steps, you’ll be using your brand new card reader on your Windows XP computer in no time.

Compatibility and Updates

Before you purchase any device for your computer, you need to first verify if it is compatible with your operating system. For Windows XP, the extensive list of supported devices can be found here. The list is constantly updated and revised, so be sure to check immediately before you buy a gadget so that you can check if the newest models are supported.

Another thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re running the latest version of Windows XP available. Microsoft has released numerous service packs and updates for the OS in the years since its release, updating security features, streamlining functionality, and maintaining compatibility with the latest devices to come onto the market. You can download all the necessary updates for Windows XP at Microsoft’s website here.

Download the Drivers

If the drivers provided with your card reader don’t work, then you’ll have to manually search for them on the internet, download them, and then install them. Start with the manufacturer’s website, and be sure to know the specific part or model number of your device. The driver should be available from the website’s download page.

If these tasks seem to be a bit too complicated, technical, or inconvenient for you, you can outsource this job to our Driver Scan Tool. It can scan your system in seconds and determine what drivers you need to get and what drivers you need to update, freeing you from the tedium of doing it all yourself.