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November 4th, 2008 No comments

Xerox Corporation now comes up with an updated version of a printer driver with an application name of which supports both FX DocuPrint C3210 DX PCL 6 and FX DocuPrint C2100 PCL 6. This was launched on February 08, 2007 and was added on the market list on November 04, 2008. The updated version of this software is version printer driver only accepts Windows operating systems including Windows 2003 AMD 64-bit and Windows XP AMD 64-bit. It was already been downloaded online for about 73 times and one of which happened last week. This model update has a file name of the same name with a file size of 11.16MB. You can download this application by clicking here or go directly to its webpage by searching it online.

Having difficulties from uninstalling

When find it difficult to remove and you even have an idea on how to begin the process of eliminating this software, well, don’t be annoyed because there is a solution. Here are the steps to delete the

1.       Click Control Panel as you click on Start Menu.

2.      Add/ Remove Programs should be double clicked and then look for the folder that contains

3.      You can uninstall it as you select Remove.

4.      When the dialog box pops up, click Uninstall.

If still exists on my computer system after using the Add/ Remove Programs, what is the best move to do?

If for any reason you still see the on your computer after performing the steps provided above, that means the Add/ Remove Programs can’t remove this program completely. Most probably, the reason for this is that when you do the above procedures, there are still some registry entries as well as associated files left inside the registry and your program can’t be deleted entirely. Furthermore, to completely delete the application you like, you may get rid of the retained associated files with the program.

To remove completely, you need to uninstall its associated files in the first place. You can follow the steps below to do this:

  • Enter to C:/Program Files/ and then delete them as you open My Computer. This will definitely eliminate the files associated with completely.
  • Find the program through pressing CTRL+F as you open REGEDIT.EXE (locates at C:/Windows folder).
  • The registry keys that link this program should be completely deleted.