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Resolving Bluetooth Compatibility Problems With Windows XP

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

Bluetooth has steadily become one of the most popular wireless technologies of our generation, allowing a multitude of different types of devices to communicate with one another, be it your video camera, cellphone, printer, and even the entertainment, phone, or navigation systems on your car!

It’s used largely as a means to transfer files from one device to another, but it can also be used for hands-free telephony and even as the medium for working wireless devices such as game controllers, keyboards, and mice. Given how integral it’s becoming in our daily lives, it’s really no wonder if you’d like to install bluetooth capability onto your PC, the better to integrate all your devices. Unfortunately, users of Windows XP might have a little trouble getting in on this wireless revolution.

Old, But Not Out

The problem Windows XP users might face has to do with the age of the operating system. Being over a decade old means that the set of drivers that can be found on its system files might be long outdated and unable to support the latest generation of devices and peripherals. This is an especially big problem given how around 40% of the computers that log on to the internet are still running Windows XP. If you’re one of these millions of users, you’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to upgrade to a new OS just yet. Here are a few things you can try to get your bluetooth device working with Windows XP.

Check the Catalog

Microsoft maintains and constantly updates an exhaustive list of all the devices, gadgets, and gizmos that should work fine with Windows XP. The list can be accessed at this website. You should be able to tell at a glance if the bluetooth card or USB dongle you wish to install is compatible. Similarly, the manufacturer often states on the product’s packaging if it is XP compatible. Be sure to do these checks before you commit to buying any device.

Update XP  to the Latest Version

Because of its longer than expected popularity, Microsoft still continues to provide technical support for Windows XP. This includes service packs and periodic updates, which contain bug fixes and security upgrades, along with a few drivers in order to keep the operating system compatible with the latest hardware. If you don’t think your version of Windows XP is up to date, you can download the updates from this website.

Check Your Drivers

Regardless of whether your bluetooth device is a dongle or a card that needs to be installed internally, it should have come with a CD that contains all the drivers necessary for its operation. If you’ve already installed the drivers but haven’t gotten the device to work, then your drivers might be outdated or just plain incompatible with the device. You can log onto the manufacturer’s website and download the right updated driver yourself.

Or, if that task sounds a bit too tedious, you can download our Driver Scan Tool to give your PC a thorough check to see if all your drivers are compatible and up to date, This should help you avoid any hardware installation headaches in the future, allowing you to focus on maximizing you fun and productivity instead.