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Installing the wrong driver

Hardware drivers are a very important part of Windows. If drivers are installed correctly and frequently updated, your hardware device will work at its full capacity. Windows will run smoothly and no errors should occur. However, things can quickly change when you install the wrong hardware driver. Sometimes Windows can even install the wrong driver.

To make an idea regarding the gravity of the situation, take a look at some of the problems people experienced:

  • “Every startup gets an error window: Cannot load the dll CnxtSdk.dll”
  • “Windows installed a driver that it thought was right for my network card. Yet it isn’t right. It installed a 3com driver instead of a Realtek driver. Now, when I go to change the driver I choose to select it from a location. I choose the correct inf file, and Windows gives me an error.”
  • “I accidentally installed a wrong VIA audio driver. Now the PC keeps restarting! I try to uninstall the drivers but, after reboot, Windows XP installs them again. Although I managed to install the correct driver, I receive errors caused by the wrong old VIA drivers.”

If you install the wrong driver, your computer will act crazy. You will probably see errors, it will reboot on it’s own or even worse, it will not even turn on. If your problem is that severe, you might need to reinstall Windows. Hopefully your problem isn’t that severe and you can find and uninstall the wrong driver and install the correct one. This should take care of the problem.

There are some cases in which the errors will continue to appear. You can try to talk to Microsoft – maybe they can help you. Send them an error report including the error code and error text. Although this may seem an easy way to solve the problem, don’t put too much hope in Microsoft. They receive thousands of error reports daily, so their response will be generic, copy pasted, or even automated. So this might not work at all. You can also contact the manufacturer of your device. Some drivers are poorly written or have bugs. This is one of the reasons you’ll see driver updates from time to time on the manufacturer’s website.

Be careful when you are installing drivers onto your machine. Take the time to make sure it is the correct driver for your device/operating system. You’ll save yourself a huge headache in the future!

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