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WD Drive Manager Driver Update

Western Digital Corporation, or WD, is one of the biggest computer disk drive manufacturers in the world. Every WD hard drive comes with one to five years warranty. It’s included in the retail price, but this provides the customer the choice of buying an item with longer warranty span on its website.

The present industry standard warranty is three years, while its other competitors used to offer 5 years of warranty for all its drives. The manufacturer just decided to move it back to its three-year warranty due to its bulk (bare/OEM) consumer-level drives.

Along with each hard drive comes the software called the WD Drive Manager. This program installs the Drive related light, button and RAID Manager program for Windows, replacing the former WD Button Manager program.

If you’re using an old model computer, then your system may no longer be supported by the latest driver updates from WD. However, you can still download version 2.111 (May 21, 2009) by simply clicking on this link. This driver update can be installed on computer systems that run on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Aside from using the appropriate driver update for your storage device, you might also want to check the rest of your system by using the Driver Update Utility.

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