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Updating and Rooting Your Motorola To Android 4.0

Apple is threatened by the increasing popularity of Android devices and with the continuous updates being released by Android, it wouldn’t be surprising if a lot of consumers prefer buying Android smart phones over iPhones.

To make the most out of your Android device, you could root it so that you can install more apps, or you can update it to the latest Android 4.0 software version. If you own a Motorola smartphone, you will be happy to know that developers in the CyanogenMod community have made it possible for you to update it to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Although this is still in beta mode and there are bugs that should be fixed, updating your device’s software can do a lot, especially since Motorola uses old hardware.

Just like in updating your computer’s drivers, updating your phone’s software will give you a loft of freedom to do more on your phone.


Before proceeding with the rooting and update process, keep in mind that the process enumerated below is not applicable to phones that are locked to certain network carriers. If you force to do it on a network-locked phone, you may just do more damage to your device. Before updating your Motorola handset to the latest Android 4.0 software, make sure that you have successfully rooted it first and downloaded Google Apps on the device.


  • Make sure that you have installed the correct driver so that your computer will recognize the device once plugged in via USB cable. Copy the downloaded ZIP files on your phone’s memory card.
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer
  • Enable USB debugging by going to Settings. Click Applications > Development >USB Debugging.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot your phone into recovery by pressing and holding the X button, and by pressing the power button afterwards.
  • Go into the recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume UP button, and by pressing the Camera button.
  • Clear the storage of your device to clear out any data from your phone’s previous ROM
  • Select Install ZIP from SD Card, and choose the CyanogenMod file. The installation process may take from five to ten minutes.
  • Reboot your phone’s system to finish the installation process.

Since the Android 4.0 Software Update is not an official release nor it is supported by Motorola, make sure that you copy instructions carefully to avoid any problems.

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