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Doing A Factory Reset On Your BlackBerry PlayBook

There are many reasons why you need to regularly update your ’s driver, as well as do a factory on it. This includes preparing your device for rooting, downgrading or upgrading its OS, or even for fixing a nuked or bricked tablet. You will know that it will need resetting when it continuously reboots and the LED keeps on blinking even when it’s turned off. The good thing is, you can still fix such problems and you can start by doing a factory on your device.

Before beginning the process, keep in mind that doing a factory reset on your device will completely wipe off all information and data stored on your BlackBerry PlayBook. if you have any plans on downgrading/upgrading your OS or rooting your device, make sure that you make a backup of its data so that you can install them again after successfully finishing the process. When it is bricked however, there is no way that you can recover any of its data after doing a factory reset on it.

How to reset your PlayBook

When resetting your PlayBook, make sure that your drivers are updated as well as the latest version of the BlackBerry is installed.

  • Start the Desktop Software on your computer
  • Turn off your PlayBook
  • Connect your device to the computer via USB connection
  • After receiving the error message stating that the Desktop Software is unable to connect to your PlayBook, click the Update button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait until the Desktop Software is finished downloading and installing the updated OS
  • After finishing with the update, choose the language, edit the time and sign in on your device using your BlackBerry ID.
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