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Update Your Synaptics Touchpad And Download Multi-Touch Gesture Drivers

Owning a Mac is probably one of the coolest thing that could happen to you, especially now that almost everyone dreams of having one. One of the features that the brand boasts about is its multitouch gestures.

If you already have a touchpad but is not multitouch, you are definitely missing out a lot. The more you use a Multi-touch trackpad, the more you will feel like your old touchpad is wasting your time because of the multiple clicks and scrolls it needs before finishing one task.

If unfortunately do not own a Mac and cannot afford to have one, there’s no more need to worry since you can get multi-touch gestures for your touchpad.

How to get multitouch gestures for your laptop

You are just in luck if you have Synaptics touchpad because the company has been constantly releasing driver updates for standard laptops for the past few months. Since such updates are optional and not required, not everyone knows that they exist. If you want to update your touchpad to get multi-touch gestures, just follow the instructions below.

1. Check if you have a Synaptics touchpad by going to your computer’s Control Panel. Click on the Hardware and Sound Folder, and click the Mouse option. If you have the Synaptic mouse available in the dropdown list, you can download the driver compatible to the model of your laptop.

Synaptics however, proves generic drivers compatible with all Synaptics trackpads, regardless of the brand of laptop it is installed in. After successful download of the driver, the next thing that you need to do is install it to your computer.

2. The driver will need you to agree with the terms before it will start the installation process. For Windows to recognize the new driver to your system, you will need to verify its installation. This process will only take you a few minutes and will notify you if the driver has been installed successfully.

4. After installation, you will need to restart your computer to complete the process.

5. Once the driver is successfully installed, you need to go back to the Control Panel, click on the Hardware and Sound option, and select Mouse to open the device’s properties. Select the last tab with the label, ‘Device Settings’ , and make sure that the touchpad option is enabled.

6. Click on the Settings option to open your computer’s touchpad settings. This will open a number of gesture options, which you will need to select to activate. The most common options available in the driver update includes:

  • The classic two-finger scrolling, which is common to many devices
  • The option to rotate images by running your fingers in a circle in your touchpad
  • The three-finger press which allows you to open applications by pressing three fingers at the touchpad at the same time
  • The three-finger click, which is an option that allows you to change programs

If you are unsure of the settings available and what it can do, you can check the preview on the right side of the settings window.

The traditional non-multitouch gestures are still available but since multi-touch gestures are already available, it is next to impossible for you to settle on such an old-school setting. With a little practice, you will soon get over the weird feeling of multi-touch gestures in your touchpad.

Downloading the driver will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life. If you want a utility that will make it easier for you to locate and install the correct driver for your current operating system, you can do so by clicking on the link.

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