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Delta Series Digital Audio Card Driver Update

A top choice for digital audio solutions, the Delta audio cards series from M-Audio allows best sound quality through superior driver technology. Delta supports a range of platforms and software programs, and allows seamless audio recording, digital mixing, audio sourcing, and digital sound transfers.

The version of the drivers for the Delta series was released May 3, 2011, and updates its ASIO support, 24-bit MME support, and theater panel support for specific cards. It also has added features on bass management and speaker placement. Bugs on SPDIF stream for external decoders were also fixed.

Download the latest update for the Delta Series Digital Audio Card drivers here, which supports Delta 410, 1010, 1010LT, 44, 66, Audiophile 192, and Audiophile 2496. Required OS for the update is Windows 98 or higher.


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