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Resolving Scanner Compatibility Issues with Windows XP

One of the most useful devices to become commonplace in the past decade is the scanner. As these machines get better and cheaper, they have become a staple in homes and offices around the world, giving people a way of converting paper photos and documents into electronic images that can be shared with people across the globe.

If you’re an artist, an archivist, or simply someone who needs to have all the latest electronic toys, then it won’t be long before you’ll be connecting one to your PC. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the many computer users still running Windows XP, then you could have a problem getting the device to work right off the bat.

Old, But Not Out

Even five years after the introduction of its first replacement, Windows Vista, and almost two years after the release of Vista’s replacement Windows 7, Windows XP continues to dominate the market with an estimated share of over 40% of all PCs. Its popularity is rooted in its reliability and stability, but it is beginning to show its age when it comes to the ability to support the latest gadgets and peripherals.

Some of the latest printers, scanners, and even DVD drives have shown compatibility issues when connected to machines running Windows XP. While it might scare off a lot of casual users, you’ll be pleased to know that by following a few simple steps, you should be able to resolve these problems without sending back your brand new device or resorting to an OS change.

Get the Right Drivers

A driver is basically the software that interfaces between your PC and your devices. Without the right drivers, your device will be rendered incompatible with your computer. A brand new scanner, as with most peripherals, should come with a CD or DVD containing the appropriate driver for your operating system. In fact, to be absolutely certain, you should first check if the device you buy is supported by Windows XP.

There’s also a chance that the drivers on the CD included with your scanner might not be the latest version. This is why we recommend you should run a system scan to check for and download the latest official driver versions.

Keep Your Windows Up to Date

If the device you bought is listed as supported by Windows XP but can’t seem to install or work properly, then you might not have the most current version of the OS installed. Updates and service packs also contain generic drivers and system files that help keep Windows XP abreast with all the latest hardware developments. Updates for your OS are available from Microsoft’s website here.


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