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Realtek AC’97 Driver Update (Windows Vista / Windows 7)

You may want to anticipate some things when you buy a new computer. With the latest package in new systems, this means that you receive a new degree of convenience that you couldn’t get from bulky DIY solutions. Of course, more people today would go build their own computers in order to have better handling over the specifications of their own machines. This is a common characteristic among gamers as well as die-hard PC enthusiasts, who enjoy assembling and disassembling computers and putting in new parts to boost their system’s performance.

The constant journey of enhancing their settings means there will always be something new. If you do buy a motherboard, you will notice that onboard multimedia supplier would be the latest Realtek audio drivers that come with well-known motherboard providers. This is a fair entry and a base level audio chip solution for most audio multimedia and needs.

However, many use the PC to hook it up to plasma TVs or LCDs. As a solution for a home entertainment theatre, Realtek’s audio driver may not be enough. Another problem that people face when they purchase a motherboard is that drivers are sometimes missing. Therefore, in order to resolve the issue, they have to install the appropriate drivers that come with the CD, and they would usually get the onboard audio drivers.

If the installer is not available, then try to visit the manufacturer’s website or download the latest Realtek AC’97 driver update (September 25, 2009) from this site. This driver works on systems running on Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit as well as Windows Vista 64-bit.

You could also flash the bios to get a full update to your entire system. It may also be a compatibility issue if the operating system fails to spot the onboard audio drivers, which could mean that you have to perform a clean install or know how to troubleshoot the problem online. Usually, you will experience problems and will find the most effective solution in tech forums. In most cases, you face common problems, so there are various options to go through before you return the hardware to the store.

One way to determine if all your hardware drivers are up to date is by downloading the Driver Update Utility. You can simply go to this link to proceed.


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