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PTZ Controller Driver Update

A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) is a type of closed-circuit television that is more typically used in film and television production or for video security systems. The is usually mounted on a movable mechanical frame that gives it a wide directional capability and its zoom and other view functions are remotely controlled. Hence such cameras are also sometimes referred to as robotic cameras.

PTZ Controller is a camera application developed by Serial Port Tool for this particular type of video device. It is in fact a virtual keyboard that simulates all the functionality of the hardware console that’s commonly used for controlling PTZ cameras. As such it can be easily installed on the PC to which the PTZ is connected and give you more flexibility in your operations. The usable and supported ports for this application are RS232, RS485, RS422, and the typical with the proper converter. It also has support for the various video protocols set by different manufacturers such as , Samsung, LG, and Canon.

This latest update of PTZ Controller is version 2.9 released March 1, 2011. Additional features now allow for direct use through a command line interface and accommodation of Sony AUX commands. This application can run on the Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 platforms.

The 30-day trial of PTZ Controller is fully functional. You can download your copy right here.


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