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Xerox WorkCentre PE220 Series Driver Update

With the WorkCentre PE220 multi-function printer, projects can be finished on time and at less cost. The PE220 is designed to accomplish all your office tasks quickly so you can focus more on your business. Get all the functionality of a robust printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine in one compact and easy-to-use device. It is loaded with powerful features yet comes with a price tag to fit your office budget.

The WorkCentre PE220 can print and copy at the amazing rate of 20 pages per minute (ppm) to make printing jobs easy and trouble-free while eliminating long wait times. It can accurately scan documents and photos at 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution, and up to 4800 interpolated dpi. Its high-yield toner cartridges reduces per-page costs so you get more bang for your money.

With a quick warm up time, the PE220 boasts a fast first-copy-out time of just 11 seconds and up to 20 ppm print and copy speed. It can deliver fast faxing with transmission speeds of up to three seconds per page at 33.6 kbps. This compact printer offers excellent features that help at cutting costs as well as improve work efficiency. Providing high-quality and value for its price, the Xerox WorkCentre PE220 is a fast and affordable solution that enhances office productivity.

However, to keep the PE220 working efficiently and prevent hard drive crashes, “fatal error” messages, and various device driver problems, you need to be certain that the printer drivers that’s installed in your system is the exact match for your hardware requirements.

If you prefer, you can search for the correct drivers manually on many driver upgrade websites. If you are using an older operating system like Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 2003 or Windows XP, you can download the original driver straight from the Xerox Corporation website or from this download link for free. The driver version is 1.34 released August 17, 2005 by the Xerox Corporation. There are no Help files or Watermark available in this release.

However, if you are upgrading to the more recent operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP SP3, or Windows Vista, then you can download driver version 3.04 released November 04, 2008. You need to review the driver details and verify if it’s the correct one for your system.

To ensure that you get the right WorkCentre PE220 Series driver that will work with your hardware, it is highly recommended that you use a reliable driver update tool which can monitor your system and accurately detect all the hardware devices connected to your system and match every one of them with the latest driver version. This driver scanner can be downloaded through this link at no extra cost.

This automatic driver update software allow you to scan and discover which drivers are missing, damaged or outdated, not just the drivers for your PE220 printer but for any device in your system. Once the proper drivers for your WorkCentre PE220 (and other devices) is located, you can then download and install it to get your printer working with speed and efficiency.

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