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Xerox Phaser 3120 Driver Update

Xerox Phaser 3120 laser monochrome printer is made to meet the requirements of both ordinary and professional users. One of its numerous benefits is its speed. Phaser 3120 can print up to 17 pages per minute, with the first page out in 13 seconds. This means more productivity for office workers as well as the business. While the Phaser 3120 is Energy Star compliant, it has a Toner Save mode to minimize operating costs.

Real 600dpi resolution as well as advanced features such as N-up, watermark print and poster printing allows you to produce professional-looking documents all of the time. Phaser 3120 supports different media size and type to comply with all of your printing needs. In addition, its compact and low profile design saves space on your desk.

There are still more beneficial features to mention about the Phaser 3120. However, despite its advantageous features, hard drive crashes, “fatal error” messages and other device driver problems are imminent if the appropriate driver is not installed. Therefore, in order to keep the Phaser 3120 working efficiently and prevent certain issues, you have to make sure that the printer driver that’s installed in your system goes with the hardware that’s connected to it.

You can look for the right driver manually on various driver upgrade websites. If you are using platforms like Windows NT, , or , you can download the original driver straight from the manufacturer’s website or by simply clicking on this site. The driver version for Phaser 3120 is 5.18 and it was released by the Xerox on March 11, 2003.

Besides installing this driver update on your computer, it is highly recommended that you use a reliable driver update tool which can monitor your system and accurately detect all the hardware devices connected to your system and match every one of them with the latest driver version. This driver scanner can be downloaded through this link for free.

This driver update software will automatically scan and discover which drivers are missing, damaged or outdated, not just the drivers for your Phaser 3120 printer but for any device in your system. Once the proper driver for your Xerox Phaser 3120, as well as for your other hardware, is located, you can then download and install it to get your printer working with speed and efficiency.



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