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Xerox DSP250 Driver Update

Looking for serious entry-level digital color field printing performance? Need a machine that can take care of  different applications for Graphic Communications, In-Plant as well as ? Then you might want to know more about the surprisingly affordable Xerox DocuColor 240/250 Digital Color Printer/Copier.

The moderately priced DocuColor 240/250 delivers print speeds that average nearly a page per second—50 ppm color*, 65 ppm monochrome, to be exact. In a big hurry? You will see your first copy in just 4.3 seconds for monochrome, 7.8 seconds for color.

The DocuColor 240/250 is also equipped with the same 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution that you would expect from printers several times its price. This high level of resolution delivers exceptional reproduction of fine lines as well as shadow details.

Software improvements ensure amazingly accurate color registration as well. Automatic density control assures consistent color from first print to last. You can even set color calibration for a variety media types, which you may not expect from such a cheap digital color printer.

For improved image quality, the DocuColor 240/250 uses the latest VCSEL technology with a 32-beam laser, enabling these printers to write data at a faster rate and at a higher resolution.

In addition, the DocuColor 240/250 features an enhanced gloss mode for jobs that need a high-gloss finish, a load-toner-while-running capability, two black cartridges for longer run time between changes and a trickle charge development system for all-day print consistency. All features in compared to more expensive machines.

Xerox offers the widest range of digitally optimized paper and specialty media under one brand, making it easy to maximize the capabilities of the DocuColor 240/250 and create new revenue opportunities. However, without the proper hardware driver, hardware failures and system crashes may occur. Therefore, you have to get the appropriate driver from trusted sites.

On the other hand, if finding the right hardware driver is time-consuming for you, try to use a driver update tool such as the one from this site. This will not only get you the correct printer driver, but also those of your other devices.

Xerox DSP250 driver version was released on February 14, 2006. This driver update package contains the for Xerox DSP250. This can be downloaded from this site and it can be installed on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP 32-bit
  • Windows 2003 32-bit

The driver update package also comes in a .zip file and thus, you have to make sure that you also have an archiving application on your computer, such as , WinZip or 7-zip. These applications should help you open and access the files within a .zip file.

If you are going to install the drivers manually, follow the screens until the manufacturer/model window appears. Select the “Have Disk” button and click “OK” on the Install from Disk window. Select the specific printer driver from the Add Printer Wizard window. Continue the installation as directed by the Add Printer Wizard.






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