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Windows98_Me Printer Driver.EXE driver update

There’s another printer software package from Xerox which supports FX DocuPrint C3210 DX PCL 6 and . This is called Windows98_Me Printer Driver.EXE printer driver version 2006-08-15. It was launched on August 15, 2006 and was added on the market list last November 04, 2008.

A prospective user of this software application needs to use Windows-based operating systems which includes Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, , Windows 95, , and of course, those who are still using . Windows98_Me Printer Driver.EXE has a file size of 15.16MB and filename bearing its trademark name. Its download statistics sum up to about 40 downloads already and two of which happen last week.

You can now decide for yourself and get yourself a copy of this remarkable software here.


Consider the fact that this printer driver operates on a PC with a 32-bit x86-based microprocessor as well as an upward-compatible processor which runs Windows(R)9x/Me regardless of the major language version you may be using.

Installing and Uninstalling Process

You must follow the instructions to install PCL 6 printer drivers. To begin with, we will install and uninstall the DocuPrint C2100 PCL 6 printer driver for instance.

Installation Procedure for Windows(R)9x/Me

  • From the “Control Panel” double-click the “Add Printer” icon in the “Printers” dialog box.
  • You can choose the printer port by following the steps of “Add Printer Wizard”. Choose “Local printer” if your printer is attached to your computer via Parallel port or Serial port. Remember to choose “Network printer” if both your computer and printer are connected to the Network.
  • You will see the selection of “Manufactures:” and “Printers:” after you select the printer’s port. In the dialog box click “Have Disk…”.
  • You may enter a path to a location of the INF file you are about to install.
  • Through “Browse” you can also indicate the INF file location.
  • Click “OK”as you select the INF file in the “Add Print” folder.
  • In the dialog box “FX DocuPrint C2100 PCL 6″ appears in the “Printers:”. Click “Next” as you select the printer.
  • A printer icon will be created in the “Printers” dialog box as you finished all the steps of the “Add Printer Wizard”. In order to check if the driver was installed properly, it is recommended that you print a test page after the printer driver installation is completed.

Plug&Play Function Installation Process

Take note that installation through Plug&Play function is allowed only if the printer is connected to the computer using a cable which is bi-directional parallel.

  • You can connect the printer and the computer by using an interface cable with power supply to the PC then switch off the printer.  Turn on the power supply of the printer as well as the computer then start Windows(R)9x/Me.
  • A “New Hardware found” dialog box is displayed when the printer is detected.  Follow the screen instructions as you select the “Driver provided by hardware manufacturer”.
  • Click the “OK” button after entering the drive name (e.g.->e:) as well as the path name of the driver in the “Copy manufacturer’s files from” input field on the screen.  The drive name and path name depends on the location where the driver is.
  • A dialog box for specifying the printer name is displayed.  Enter the printer name in the “Printer Name” box in changing the printer name. A prompt message is displayed asking when another printer is already installed regardless if you will use the new installed printer as the default printer.  Select “Yes” to use this printer as the default printer.
  • A dialog box for specifying whether to print the test page is displayed after installation.  Selecting “Yes (recommended)” will load A4 or Letter paper in the printer then click “Finish”. If you do not wish to print the test page, choose “No” then click “Finish”.
  • When installation is completed, the required files are copied. A message is displayed to notify the completion of the test print if the test print is performed.

Uninstalling Windows98_Me Printer Driver.EXE

  • The printer icon you installed in the “Printers” dialog box should be deleted from the “Control Panel”.


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