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wc3119ScanDriver98ME.zip Driver Update

Simplicity in a compact package is the distinctive feature of the WorkCentre 3119 multi-function printer, starting with a quick and easy setup and installation process. This entry-level machine combines a printer, copier, and scanner into one compact solution. It features a flatbed scanner for scanning documents and photos, with an optical resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi, and backed up by the integrated Nuance PaperPort SE 10 scanning software.

The WorkCentre delivers both prints and copies fast after a speedy warm-up. With a first page print time in as quick as 11 seconds, the WorkCentre 3119 has a turnaround time of 18 pages per minute (ppm) for prints and photocopies alike.

The Xerox 3119 can scan both photos and documents in color or black & white directly to your computer. It allows the user to easily choose the zoom feature and the number of copies through its uncomplicated mono LCD panel and front panel buttons. While its output tray has only a standard 50-sheet capacity, its input tray can handle up to 250 sheets which is quite generous for a compact printer.

The WorkCentre is lightweight and features quiet operation. It delivers excellent print quality, with clear type font edges, and provides exceptional greyscaling for mono or color original copies. The Xerox WorkCentre 3119 saves work time and enhances productivity, and offers terrific value for its price.

With all its great features, however, the WorkCentre 3119 may not function up to its full potential, or it may not function at all, if you don’t have the appropriate printer driver. A new or updated driver package may be required especially if you are installing a new or upgraded operating system. Using the wrong driver may cause compatibility issues, printer malfunction, or may even damage the device.

Although you can download the Xerox WorkCentre 3119 driver from many driver upgrade sites online, you can also get the driver you need right from the publisher’s website. In this case, you’ll need the updated version of the WorkCentre 3119 which was released on November 04, 2008 by Xerox.

This package only supports the Xerox WorkCentre 3119 series as well as Composite Devices and Printing Support. This is also compatible with the following operating systems:
-Windows 95
-Windows 98
-Windows Me
-Windows 2000
-Windows XP
-Windows 2003
-Windows NT

If you find it too complicated or time-consuming to search for the most suitable driver for your particular printer model, then you can go to this link where you can get a software tool that will keep track of your printer driver version and update it when necessary so the WorkCentre 3119 printer will function flawlessly using the latest drivers.

Since this driver package comes in a .zip file, you might want to make sure that your computer also has an archiving application for opening such files.

The driver package downloaded from the link above includes the drivers required to run your Xerox WorkCentre 3119 printer. However, you need to be sure of your device’s exact model before downloading and installing the drivers.

If an outdated driver causes your printer to operate improperly, then uninstall the full package with an uninstaller and install the appropriate drivers downloaded from the website above.


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