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RTI RIP-Kit Driver Update

Global Graphics Software is the developer of Harlequin RIP (Raster Image Processor) software for over 20 years, setting the standard for performance and quality in the most demanding environments. They providing pre-press and print jobs with the functionality and power they require to make their operations run efficiently.

Global Graphics aims to give on-line resource to their clients that can be used in order to exchange knowledge, share experience and discuss about the issues on the use of the Harlequin RIP and, ultimately, even help shape its progress in the future.

The Harlequin RIP was first named “ScriptWorks” during 1990 as a command-line application to turn PostScript files under Unix. This program was developed by Harlequin, until it was later bought by Global Graphics in 1999. Today, the developers behind Harlequin RIP are more than willing to provide their clients with the features and extra benefits that they need across all their printing and pre-press jobs.

While Harlequin RIP continues to outrun other RIP software in terms of flexibility and processing speeds, the program also offers PDF output, TIFF output for CTP, color management, trapping, advanced screening, CIP3 and Print Production workflow options that run within the RIP instead on separate applications, saving you precious time and money.

Harlequin RIP-Kit is a PostScript 3, XPS and PDF compatible RIP, or Raster Image Processor, both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can support up to more than 300 output devices such as inkjet proofers, thermal devices, printing presses, platesetters, imagesetters as well as other prepress equipment.

RIP-Kit allows users to manage more than one output device with just one RIP. This application contains pre-configured color profiles for different standard paper types that offer excellent color matching right outside of the box.

The Harlequin RIP has processed PostScript files natively since 1988 and PDF files natively since 1997, including producing live PDF transparency since 2002. It also handles XPS, the native Microsoft print and document format.

With RIP-Kit version 8.0, users can now change the color settings manually within the application to suit their certain needs better. This software also allows users to preview jobs before printing and offers built-in ganging (nesting) with its roll media saving.

This printer driver update was released on February 06, 2009. It comes with a free downloadable pack. However, this only lasts for 30 days and outputs will have to bear the product’s watermark. Therefore, to get the full benefits of this product you might as well buy iThis software works on any computer system that has any of the following operating systems: Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Moreover, you may want to check the other hardware if they have the correct updates using this Driver Update Scanner. This comes with a free version wherein each driver update would have to be installed manually. But then again, it is highly recommended that you get the full version in order to have the updates downloaded and installed automatically. This only costs $29.99 USD, valid for an entire year. You can go for the second year for just $9.99 USD.


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