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ppd_win_2602_ps.exe Driver Update

ppd_win_2602_ps.exe from supports DT6180 PS3 v2.0-KANJI, DT6155 PS3 v2.0-KANJI, DT/Print65 PS3 v1.1-KANJI, DocuTech 135 PS2 v2010-5, DocuTech 90 PS2 v2010-5, DocuPrint 4050 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 4090 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 4635 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 96 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 155 NPS PS2,  DocuPrint 180 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 4850 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 4890 NPS PS2, DocuPrint 92C NPS PS2, DocuPrint 155 EPS PS3, DocuPrint 180 EPS PS3, DP900 Plus PS3 v1.0 and DP1300 Plus PS3 v1.0 driver models.

This version of ppd_win_2602_ps.exe was officially released on the market on January 13th eleven years ago, and on November 04, 2008 it was officially added on the market’s list. This software’s latest update can be used with Windows 2003, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP, as well as the same set of Windows operating system’s additional requirements.

You can rely on ppd_win_2602_ps.exe printer driver’s reliability and durability, so you may download it as soon as you come to visit its website. The best thing you can do is to download it immediately to experience printing with the best features and qualities a user deserves.

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