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Monochrome Printer Driver Update

The Black Ice Monochrome allows fast and reliable conversion of TIFF files. Files can be converted to various TIFF formats and other monochrome image file formats, plus it offers the options to save, e-mail, print, send to archive, or combine many TIFF files in one. This is highly recommended for businesses and developers looking for a high-volume conversion driver with easy-to-use interface.

Updated May 4, 2011, the latest version of the Monochrome Printer Driver, Version 13.20, now enables users to give a file a custom name based from tags like date, time, user name, and computer name. Another added feature is the disabling of printer preferences.

The Monochrome Printer Driver is free to try for 15 days, and costs $39.99 to buy. Download driver update 13.20 here.


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