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Monochrome Printer Driver Update

One of the best and complete solutions that businesses and developers can get their hands on is the Black Ice Monochrome . This TIFF conversion tool is fast and reliable, and can give users and developers different options when it comes to converting, saving, sending emails, printing, archiving and even combining TIFF files. What it does is convert any document to different TIFF and monochrome image files to a format that various Windows application can print. If you are looking for a fast and high-volume conversion utility tool available that is easy to understand and has a user-friendly interface, then the Monochrome is for you.

The newest version of the Black Ice Printer Driver was released last July 7, 2011, and it features an innovative Custom File Naming method. The Version 13.20 of the Monochrome printer driver allows users to build the output file name from a wide range of tags such as the date, user  name, time, IP address, computer name and even the number of pages of the document. It also has an added option of disabling printing preferences.

Click here to update your Black Ice Monochrome printer driver.


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