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Installing a USB Printer

Installing a Printer – For that are linked to a computer by a cable. Here’s how locate problems with and update your :

A USB printer is linked to your computer by a USB cable. This cable should come with your printer, but if not can be found easily at any electronic store. One end of the USB cable is a simple male USB connector, the other end is a special “Type B” USB connector. The USB connector fits easily into your computer, the other end goes into your printer. If it doesn’t fit in easily, try rotating the cable.

To link your computer with your printer, plug in the USB cable, and turn the power to your printer on. You will notice a pop up warning that new hardware is being installed and that Windows will try to find the drivers for it. (At this point, you will not see your printer online yet.) Now you need to install the drivers for your particular printer. If you have the original CD that came with your printer, you can try to install the drivers from it first. However, these CDs become outdated, and you might have better luck going directly to the manufacturer’s web site to download the most up to date driver for your printer.

I am going to use an HP printer as an example. Search in Google for whatever manufacturer your printer is. (Click here for a directory of popular printer manufacturers.) The directions from my example will be very similar for whatever brand your printer is.

Go to www.hp.com Click on “Support & Drivers” tab at the top

HP Home Page

Follow the steps to identify your printer.

Driver Screen 1

Once the correct printer is identified, select your operating system.


Now you will see a list of drivers available for download. Also, if there are software updates you can download them from this page as well.


By clicking on one of the links, you are redirected to a webpage that explains (in most of the cases) what the software products is designed to do. That page contains the actual download link.


By clicking on the download link, a download window appears. Then choose a location where to save the file to. (I suggest creating a separate folder, name it after your printer and burn it on a CD later (it will save you from repeating this process whenever you format your hard drive or install a new version of Windows). After you have saved the file, go to that location, and double click it. It will bring up a warning window and you choose to run or cancel it. (Since we know it is downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website, it does not contain any viruses, spyware, or adware.) Click Run: and follow the prompts.

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