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HP 6500 All In One Printer XP Driver Update

If you’re want a fast ink jet printer that produces high quality prints, then you have to look for a multifunctional printer such as the HP 6500. The Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 6500 is one of the most stunningly designed all-in-one on the market today. It displays its superb black surface finish as well as its fluorescent green features.

The Hp 6500 uses OLED instead of LCD displays, although users would still have to move around menus by pushing the control keys and the scrolling option buttons at the same time. Furthermore, the HP 6500 printer has additional buttons that can optimize printing quality and speed.

The HP 6500 also features a duplexer that allows doubles-sided paper prints. This function is also present in other all-in-one ink jet printers. The only problem with this feature, though, is that it takes up a lot of space since the area around it has to be pulled out in order for the unit to work.

Apart from taking up space, the HP 6500 also has some features that may upset some users from time to time. For instance, noise comes out of the machine when printing low quality photos and graphics. Therefore, pictures produced look overcast with some shades or even overexposed. In some cases, the images may appear dull, making this printer unsuitable for mass photo printing.

When it comes to software, each HP product comes with the Hewlett Packard Document Manager, making photo publishing more convenient.

Like all other hardware, the HP 6500 will not work properly unless you install the latest driver updates on your system. If you’re going to use an HP 6500 printer with your PC, it is best that you download and install the latest driver update 12.0 (June 4, 2010) from this link. This is a full feature Software and driver solution ensures that your HP printer will perform at its best, making it ideal for users who want more than just basic drivers.

HP 6500 update 12.0 can be installed on systems running on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It comes with the following software when downloaded:

  • HP Officejet Basic Print and Scan Driver
  • HP Officejet Full Feature Software and Driver
  • HP Officejet Basic Driver for IT Professional Use
  • HP Officejet Firmware, HP Solution Center Updates
  • HP Easy Printer Care Software (English Only) Critical Updates and patches
  • HP Print Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Home Network Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Officejet Software and Driver Removal Utility.
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