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dpc3210dx_pcl_98_me_2.6.1_tc.zip Driver Update

Looking for a low-cost colored laser printer that does not compromise performance for affordability? Then Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C3210 DX is the perfect choice for busy workgroups that demands high quality printing at a very affordable cost.

The DocuPrint C3210 features Fuji Xerox’s direct transfer imaging system in order to produce seamless color registration for crisper and cleaner print. Along with the FX Emulsion Aggregation-High Grade (EA-HG) toner, it significantly increases toner-to-media transfer rates for more realistic and vibrant output.

In order to maximize office efficiency, the DocuPrint C310 DX is powered by a 400 MHz MIPS processor and a large 128 MB RAM to provide fast 25 ppm colour or 30 ppm black and white printing. With a warm-up time of only 30 seconds from ‘power on’ and a first-page-out-time of less than 17 seconds, this laser printer greatly increases productivity with less waiting time.

Aside from its amazingly fast printing speed, the DocuPrint C3210 DX produces true 1200 x 1200 dpi printing and advanced Fuji Xerox imaging technology assure you of great looking documents. You’ll also appreciate the large 700-sheet paper capacity for printing multiple copies of long documents as well as its Duplex printing capability that lets you produce professional looking double-sided documents without consuming too much paper. Moreover, The DocuPrint C3210 DX supports Adobe PostScript 3 right out-of-the-box that is perfect for printing from advanced graphics applications.

The DocuPrint C3210 DX gives you much more for much less. Only Fuji Xerox Printers could offer such an affordable printer without compromising quality or performance. However, without the proper hardware driver, hardware failures and frequent system crashes are imminent. Therefore, you have to get the appropriate driver from trusted sites.

In some cases, finding the right hardware driver for the specific device can be time-consuming. If you want to find the right driver for DocuPrint C3210 DX, you might want to use a driver update tool such as the one from this site. This will not only get you the correct printer driver, but also those of other computer hardware.

dpc3210dx_pcl_98_me_2.6.1_tc version 2006-08-31 was released on August 31, 2006. This driver update package has the PostScript Drivers for targeted Fuji Xerox hardware products:

This Fuji Xerox printer driver package can also be downloaded from this site and it can be installed on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, , Windows 2003 and .

The driver update package also comes in a .zip file and thus, you have to make sure that you also have an archiving application on your computer, such as WinRar, WinZip or 7-zip. These applications should help you open and access the files within a .zip file.

If you are going to install the drivers manually, simply follow the screens until the manufacturer/model window appears. Choose the “Have Disk” button and click “OK” on the Install from Disk window. Select the specific printer driver from the Add Printer Wizard window. Continue the installation as directed by the Add Printer Wizard.



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