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dp305_2k_24120_pcl6.zip Driver Update

If you own a business and productivity matters, you might want to use the best hardware available in order to improve office performance as well as gain edge over competitors. Luckily, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 205/255/305 can get a lot of jobs done in just a short time, with less hassle at a very affordable cost. While these batch of A3 network printers give your documents the professional look, you’ll also enjoy many of its useful features as well as its networking capabilities in a compact and sleek design.

DocuPrint 205/255/305 higher productivity and efficiency with exceptional image quality. These hardware produce true 1200 x 1200dpi resolution output at rated speed. This is made possible by its 266MHz RISC PowerPC 603 processor that excels at handling multiple print jobs. Warm-up time are also reduced to 18 seconds with the Fuji Xerox unique . In addition, Its extremely high printing capacity is possible with a monthly duty cycle of up to 100,000 prints.

Aside from its powerful features, the DocuPrint 205/255/305′s sleek and compact design makes installation easier in the same space like an A4-accommodated printer while supporting A3 printouts. Uninterrupted printing in large workgroups is also possible with its ability to continuously feed up to 1800 sheets of paper, or only 1500 sheets for DP 205, while a range of paper sizes and thicknesses can be loaded in universal trays.

Moreover, its toner consumption is reduced by 30% while on Toner Save Mode. It also has the lowest power consumption in its class during sleep mode and complies with the . The warm-up time from power-on or sleep mode is also shortened in order to save energy and reduce time-cost at the same time. Low running cost is also made possible with the high capacity toner that allows up to 10,000 pages.Lastly, the DocuPrint 205/255/305 are built for today’s intelligent office, with a wide compatibility and easy setup for almost any network. It is Compatible with various office environments like TCP/IP, NetWare (IPX/SPX), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (PostScript environment) and other protocols. Installation and set-up is easy with and its operability on a network is enhanced using CenterWare Internet Services.

The DocuPrint 205/255/305 have more features, more options and better performance, all at a very affordable price. However, to keep this device working at its best, you have to install the proper hardware driver. You can download one by visiting the manufacturer’s site, but if this would take much of your time, it is highly recommended to use a driver update tool such as the one from this site. This driver update application will not only get you the correct printer driver, for the DocuPrint 3055 and DocuPrint 2065 but also those of your other hardware.

dp305_2k_24120_pcl6 driver update package for , FX DocuPrint 255-AP and FX DocuPrint 305-AP can be downloaded from this site. The driver version for this package is, which was released on April 14, 2005. This printer driver can be installed on Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NTv and Windows XP.

You may also want to check if an archiving application, like WinZip or WinRar, is installed within your business. The driver package comes in a .zip file and it may require the help of such application.

Once you are about to install the drivers, follow the instructions that will guide you to the throughout the installation procedure. Select the “Have Disk” button and click “OK” on the Install from Disk window. Select the specific printer driver from the Add Printer Wizard window.

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