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ColorPlus PDF Printer Driver Update

The ColorPlus PDF Printer Version 13.22 available in Black Ice is a complete business and developers’ solution as a quick and dependable tool for document conversion purposes. This provides users and developers wide range of choices to do any office work like converting, saving, e-mailing, printing, archiving, or document merging. This tool converts PDF, TIFF, JPEG, HTML, PNG and various file formats to print using Windows applications.

This is the fastest high-volume conversion printer available on the market today. Released on August 01, 2011, the best thing with ColorPlus PDF Printer is that it still retained the easy-to-use human interface for simple conversion of different file formats.

This latest version has added support for writing images with color key transparency, improved text boldness and italic display in some cases, and stability improvements in the RTK. The ColorPlus PDF Printer Version 13.22 can be used for Windows 7, 2000, Vista and XP operating systems. It is free to try for 15 days which includes a watermark on the document and $49.99 to buy.

Click here to update your ColorPlus PDF Printer.


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