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Buying a USB Cord for Your Printer

When connecting devices to your computer, make sure that you have the proper cables. For , is the most common type.

If you are unsure what type of cord you need, check your manual. (If you can’t find it, most manuals can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Search by model name which is located on your printer.)

Some things to look for when buying a USB cable for your printer:

  • Most printer-compatible USB cables have a flat “A” plug and a squarish “B” plug. The A end goes into a USB port on the back of your computer, and the B end is plugged into the back of the printer.
  • Make sure the cord is long enough. (The standard 3 ft size is rarely long enough to connect the printer to the computer. I would buy one that is at least 6 ft.)
  • Some cables have gold contacts, heavy shielding, or some other gimmick. These are generally unnecessary for printing, but shielding may be prudent if you have a cordless phone installed near your printer.
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