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Peanut Butter Pointer Driver Update

The Peanut Butter Pointer is software developed by Peanut Butter Software that enables kids’ groups to use multiple mice on one personal computer which provides students a better and improved alternative to group learning and have more hours to spend on PCs than the usual.

Another thing to know about Peanut Butter Pointer is that it also provides a simple and easy way to managing ratios between personal computer units and students through increasing the reach of individual PCs in every classroom or school laboratory.

This latest update of Peanut Butter Pointer 1.12 version that adds multi-monitor support was added December 07, 2008 and was released on July 21, 2008. This application works on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Peanut Butter Pointer is a mouse driver that you can download free to try for 15 days and cost $21.95 after the trial period. You can download your updated Peanut Butter Pointerhere to start using its features and experience its benefits today.

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