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OPCNetListener Driver Update

The Netlistener OPC-Server is a simple utility program that monitors your network status. It shows status data on devices within the network via ICMP, SNMP. This program allows the server to monitor the activity of the device and provides the CPU load data as an OPC variable. Furthermore, it indicates the CPU load of the host computer.

Netlistener can also help you detect Ethernet errors beforehand. It provides a transparent Ethernet that allows you to manage different network loads and applications as well as the network status. It also offers easy integration to your HMI through OPC and lets you program your own network management applications in your PLS.

If you need to update your network monitoring software, Netlistener OPC-Server 2.23 (October 1, 2010) is available for download on this site. It comes with a free trial version, but you can buy this for $254.84 only.  This software update works best on computers running on Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP.

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